Vegan Pumpkin Bread Recipe for Halloween and Other Holidays


Are you interested in a vegan pumpkin bread recipe to give your close people pleasure for a while? Let this recipe help you bring a smile to your close ones.

Vegan Pumpkin Bread Recipe for Halloween and Other Holidays

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Are you interested in a vegan pumpkin bread recipe to give your close people pleasure for a while? Let this recipe help you bring a smile to your close ones.

As gluten-free products get more and more popular, it makes sense to learn how to cook them. You may buy some in the store, but it is a pleasure to do something by yourself, especially if this something is not that easy to find in the product market. One of the examples could be gluten-free pumpkin bread. You can find it in the stores closer to such holidays like Halloween, but it is rare compared to other pieces of bread.

However, what if you need this product at any time of year? It has a unique taste that you may admire for the entire life. Unlike many other bakery products, gluten-free pumpkin bread does not take a while to prepare.

The recipe for pumpkin muffins is similar, so mind that. This guide is excellent for those who prefer gluten-free products. Pumpkin bread is very tender. You and your beloved ones will love it for sure even if you are not the big fans of pumpkins!


H2: Introduction to Vegan Pumpkin Bread Baking Process

You should start by choosing flour in any case. You may consider using a gluten-free flour blend not only for the pumpkin bread but for many other pieces. This ingredient suits people who prefer a healthy lifestyle. You may mix it up with various spices to obtain an original taste. Pick blends that are whole grain as they are recommended.

Some people may prefer pumpkin filling. However, many professional bakers have something better to offer. It is better to choose a pumpkin puree for your masterpiece. It will work for both bread and pie. While baking, you will feel the wonderful aroma. They make you want to taste this culinary masterpiece even more. It is just necessary to let the moisture inside the box with your pumpkin bread. Then, you will get the textures that you were hoping to get.

It is up to you how to serve a gluten-free pumpkin bread. If you prefer it as a dessert, you may want to slice it. You may simply cut it into two equal pieces and keep it this way. Also, if you have it in parts, it will be faster and simpler for you or any other member of your family to carry it anywhere with you. You may also add honey and dairy-free butter for extra after-taste. Decorate with seeds (pepitas) on the top for the visual effect and extravagant taste.

Conduct a taste exam for your bread before serving or selling it. You may choose among various toppings and types of butter. For instance, to make your product more original, pick sunflower seed butter to use at the top.


H2: What Is the Shortest Way to Bake a Gluten-Free Bread with the Taste of Pumpkin?

For this recipe, a flax egg was selected. It is the right choice for vegan foods. After all, if you want to bake pumpkin bread, it most probably means that you want something healthy. After all, this orange vegetable possesses more than enough vitamins. It is almost a perfect combination.

With this vegetable, many dishes become way healthier. It is also a great way to make your cuisine stand out from the rest. Plus, a pumpkin bread free of gluten will not ever leave a sugar-film in your mouth.

H2: Selecting Additional Ingredients for Your Baking Masterpiece

Pumpkin itself contains seeds, so-called pepitas, which might remind you of nuts by their taste. Thus, most of the nuts go well with gluten-free pumpkin bread. It is not obligatory, but you may play this culinary game any way you like it. You may choose walnuts or pecans, for instance. Peanuts, especially the fried ones, are not the best choice. Just grab a handful of the recommended nuts, and cover the top of your bread once it is baked. None of these nuts will interrupt the original taste of the pumpkin.

H2: Learning How to Come up with the Tastiest Pumpkin Bread Free of Gluten

Off you go, get ready with your oven. The first stage is selecting the right temperature. As you may know, it is estimated at 360F when it comes to baking most of the flour products. Then, you should also pick a loaf pan for your flour mixture. Clean a mixing bowl, making sure that it is big enough. The next steps include:

1.     Take the flax egg, the orange vegetable, and milk. Mix them intensively. It should look like a homogeneous cream in the end.

2.     Pick the bowl that you have prepared ahead for the combinations of your ingredients. Grab all the ingredients. In a separate bowl or jar, you will have to combine oats, soda, sugar/powder, any food supplement made of our favorite orange vegetable, sea salt, flour, and, if you want, some of the spices of your choice.

3.     Place the piece of butter into the loaf pan that you have initially chosen. That is the right moment to add the pepitas.

4.     Place the ingredients from the mixing bowl (step 2) into the wet part. Make sure that you get a homogeneous combination.

5.     The time for baking has come! As we have promised, it will not take you long. In an hour, you will obtain the gluten-free vegan pumpkin bread that you were expecting. It is enough once the product turns dry.

Some people hurry up to serve it. Stop! Pro bakers let the bread cool first. Only then it can be moved to a wire rack and served later.

H2: Useful Hints for Baking Your Pumpkin Bread

  • Once again, never choose a pie filling; select puree instead.
  • Pick a flour blend of the top-quality. Sure, it is better to select a gluten-free one initially.
  • To achieve better results faster, you may warm up the ingredients to make them of the home temperature.
  • Ordinary milk might do, but a dairy-free one would bring the desired effect and make the product healthier.
  • How to measure the ingredients for your pumpkin bread free of gluten? It depends on what you want to measure, but the best tool for it is a food scale that you should better have in your kitchen. Take a spoon and place a certain amount of flour in the measuring cup. Estimate and leave the amount you need. 
  • You may also stir the raw components for this recipe ahead and keep them elsewhere for further usage. It will save you much time in the future. Besides, it may suit many different pieces of bread and pies. Sure, you can go to the shop and buy everything you need for your gluten-free product.

The preparation time required for gluten-free pumpkin bread is around ten minutes. On the whole, you will not spend more than one hour on the full baking process. In sum, it will not take you longer than one hour and ten minutes to please your family and friends with this exceptional product that can also serve as a dessert.

H2: Recommended Components

  • A cup of puree from our orange vegetable;
  • 1/3 cups of milk (you may choose milk made of nuts);
  • A couple of warm eggs;
  • 1/3 cups of oil (e.g., sunflower);
  • Half a teaspoon of special food soda;
  •  ¾ cups of sugar or powder;
  • One and a quarter cup of flour for your bread;
  • 0,5 cup of the rolled oats;
  •  ½ teaspoons of spices of your choice (you may add any others to ½ teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice).


H3: Summary

1.     Once your oven is at 350°F, it is ready for baking.

2.     Do not mix ingredients all together! Put the basic components in the mixing bowl first. Shake them until the mixture turns creamy.

3.     Take another bowl to combine soda, salt, and other secondary ingredients.

4.     The dry components should become wet. You will get a batter for your product. Place it in the meatloaf pan.

5.     Do not over-bake – one hour is enough to finish the process. Otherwise, the edges of your bread may turn too brown. Cool the ready vegan pumpkin bread. Serve after that. 


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