Pecan Pie Recipe: Prepare the Best Dessert for a Holiday


This pecan pie recipe is as easy as ABC, and it is your chance to impress family and friends who come to your Christmas party with or without expectations.

Pecan Pie Recipe: Prepare the Best Dessert for a Holiday

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This pecan pie recipe is as easy as ABC, and it is your chance to impress family and friends who come to your Christmas party with or without expectations.

If you prefer cooking desserts at home instead of buying them in confectionaries, you might find this recipe useful. It is not just about cooking anything, but one of the top-favorite American treats. Sure, it is also popular in Europe. Pecan pie was invented a long ago. Thanks to its rich story and unforgettable taste, it is still present in many restaurant menus around the world. However, if you plan to celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas, you might want to surprise your family and guests with something that you personally cook.

Even if you are not a professional baker or have no experience in preparing such types of desserts, this recipe will make it clear for you. Even your children can assist you, following the instructions below. This old-fashioned dish may become an integral part of your holiday menu.

Baking pies and pieces of bread is a skill that you will not frequently use unless you are a baker. However, the process might seem exciting to you as you know the result. If you have not tried pecan pie yet, we recommend doing it ASAP. This dessert suits any season, but fall and wintertime are preferred. It is served and tastes perfectly after the turkey.

H2: Defining Pecan Pie

So, what makes this specific pie different from the rest of the pies? Originally, this type of food comes from the South. It will make you feel the atmosphere for sure. The idea is to make special corn syrup to make your meal stand out from the rest of the pies. As for the basic ingredients, they are the same that for other traditional pies. Those are sugar, butter, and, of course, eggs. All of the ingredients make pecan pie so sweet and wanted. So, are you ready to bake one for the upcoming special event or just for fun?

H2: The Process of Creating a Perfect Pecan Pie

You can do it in 1-2-3! You will basically need the ingredients that any pies need along with the magic syrup. The corn syrup is added to the initial mixture. As for the extra components, you should not forget to buy vanilla powder or vanilla extract. As for the sweetest part, experts recommend choosing granulated sugar instead of the traditional one. Sure, you should not forget about pecans. As for the corn syrup, there are several manufacturers to choose from.

Some people prefer buying pie crust in online stores or traditional shops. However, you can try to make it on your own if you have time and patience. That is not a good idea only in case you are in a super hurry. Perhaps, you have some rolled-up crusts ready for your baking process. If you worry about the choice of crust, stop. Just like with other types of pies, the filling is what really matters. The combination of corn syrup and pecan alone is incredible! We are sure that it will taste good to you.

Do you know how much time would you waste on preparing this dish? You may wonder, but it can be as fast as ten minutes! If you want to make the taste more specific, you may think about additional ingredients such as topping or ice/whipped cream. You may try different approaches to make your filling unforgettable.

If you are in an active search for more recipes, you may also consider other dishes that contain pecan or are cooked specifically for holidays. However, we would still recommend a pecan pie as this dessert is salty and sweet at the same time, which creates a unique combination. Besides, you can cook this meal with your family!

H3: Recommended Components

You will need a cup of special corn syrup from one of the available manufacturers. Then, take three eggs, a single teaspoon of vanilla powder/extract, one cup of sugar, a couple of tablespoons of melted butter. Do not forget about a nine-inch pie crust of your choice (it should be raw). Finally, you will need six ounces of pecans. Chop them before baking your pie.

H2: Guidelines

Your oven should be set up to the recommended baking temperature. In most cases, it is 350°F. Then, consider the following steps:

  • Take the ingredients listed above. With the help of a fork or tablespoon, you will have to create a mixture out of them. Once you get it, add the chopped pecans that you should have prepared before. Is your pie crust nearby? Pour everything that you get into it.
  • The recommended baking time is no more than one hour (plus, possibly additional ten minutes). You should place the pie in the center to make it bake properly and equally on all sides.
  • Cool what you get out of your oven for a minimum of a couple of hours. Only then you can slice the pie and give it to your guests.
  • In case you choose a frozen crust, you will have to warm it up a bit first. However, you can add the necessary ingredients inside from the very beginning. Just do not forget to bake it all on a preheated cookie sheet – it will speed up the process. 200°F is enough to let you know that the process is over.

That is it! You may also wonder how you know when the pie is 100% ready. Well, eating it immediately makes no sense, that’s true. What you can do is push at your pecan pie once the required time passes by. If the product springs back, it means it is ready. You are done. Useful tip: attach some foil to the edges of your pie in case it seems too brown or dark in some places.


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