Gluten-Free Pumpkin Bread Recipe for Pro and Beginning Bakers


Gluten-free pumpkin bread recipe is the top-preferred treat of many who support a healthy lifestyle. Find out how to bake one for a Halloween party or for fun.

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Bread Recipe for Pro and Beginning Bakers

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Gluten-free pumpkin bread recipe is the top-preferred treat of many who support a healthy lifestyle. Find out how to bake one for a Halloween party or for fun.

What is the only pitfall in the process of baking bread? Right, it is the time that you have to spend on this procedure. However, such yummy things as vegan zucchini bread and banana bread are definitely worth your waiting. Those are the top favorite desserts of many people, even those who have nothing to do with the vegan style of life.

If you think that vegan food cannot be tasty, you should definitely try one of the mentioned pieces of bread one day, or stop your choice on pumpkin bread. It might be the best treat for your Halloween party. Also, if you decide to bake it yourself, you can make it less vegan by changing a recipe a bit. In this post, we included more than one way to prepare this type of bread.

The biggest advantage of cooking vegan pumpkin bread yourself is the fact that you will not have to smell disgusting aromas. Vice versa. The most difficult part is to resist that attractive smell. That is how the special pumpkin purée for your flour smells. Plus, it is up to you which of the spices to add (e.g., cinnamon or ginger).

The primary idea is to mix pumpkin bread flour with the chosen spices properly to get the taste that you expect. Once the product is ready, it is enough to decorate it with some pumpkin seeds. You may have noticed that in confectionaries. It will make the dish visually appealing as well.

You should choose a thick batter if you decide to bake this product. Many bakers have problems with stirring the mixture, but a lot depends on the proportions, timing, your enthusiasm, and the selected bowl. It is time to provide you with more details.

To begin with, you will need such ingredients as those mentioned before, plus brown sugar, powder for cooking, sea salt, and, perhaps, some other spices (choose based on your taste). You will have to combine everything listed in a bowl. The mixture has to become of one color and essence.

  • Pick a tablespoon. Grab a ground flaxseed meal and add it to what you already have. You will then need three more spoons of warm (or even hot) water. Wait for just a minute – that is how you get ready with a flax egg.
  • For the batter, you will need new ingredients. They include the egg that you have just made, the purée mentioned earlier, oil, and if you wish, vanilla. It will boost the taste of the final product.
  • You will have to find a separate loaf pan for your further actions. It should be big enough so that everything won’t explode as you bake (just kidding). Place the thick batter into it. Make sure that the pan is initially sprayed and lined with parchment paper. Check whether there is an overhang on every side. Take a handful of pumpkin seeds. We have admitted that you might need them to decorate your bread. Do not take too much of it. Strew the content of the bowl with this ingredient right on the top of your batter. By the way, this seed is also called pepitas.
  • Leave the batter baking for an hour. Set up 350°F as the preferred temperature inside the oven.
  • Watch the process so that nothing goes wrong. Do not let the bread go too browny. As forty minutes pass by, take out the batter. Tent it with foil before you continue. The foil should not press down on the product from the top.

Estimate the weight of the flour necessary for your culinary masterpiece. It is better to purchase a special food scale to speed up the process. You may also place the flour into the measuring cup and level off the top with the help of any kitchen knife. Remember that baking is all about proper proportions.

It is up to you whether to select fresh/canned purée. Are you in a hurry? Then, pick the second one. If you have time and desire to prepare everything on your own, try to make fresh pumpkin purée from zero. You will have to bake chopped vegetables on a parchment baking tray. Leave it for half an hour at the same temperature. Then, it is necessary to release any excess water.

Once again, pay attention — the batter must be rather thick. It is important for the final result and taste. At the same time, it makes it more difficult to mix the batter. However, the outcomes are worth your patience!

What about the oil? Should you choose a specific one or do any of the options would work? Yes, you can pick an oil based on your preferences. It can even be coconut oil (by the way, it guarantees an amazing and rare taste). Experts recommend vegetable oil as the best alternative. You might have to melt oils with specific after-taste before adding them to your mixture.

H2: Got Some Questions?

  • Is it possible to make this type of bread free of gluten?

It is one of the most frequently met questions as many people today try to avoid gluten foods. It is enough to choose a gluten-free flour blend for all purposes. While in the store, you may ask for consultation if you are not sure which one will work for your goals.

  • Is there anything else that I can add to my bread?

When it comes to pumpkin bread, there are almost no limitations. For instance, you can turn on your imagination and add a bit of chocolate. The best match would be the dark one as we are speaking about a vegan bread. You may also think about adding various nuts like walnuts. Finally, you may slice and add any berries or fruits.

  • What is the best way to store pumpkin bread?

Pick an airtight container. You will need room temperature to store your mixture. Anyway, it is better not to keep the product for longer than four days.

  • How about baking oil-free bread?

You may take ¼ cup of applesauce and replace the same amount of oil with it. That is as easy as ABC!

  • Is it possible to keep this bread frozen once it is ready?

Sure, you can do that. Just remember: up to three months! If you store it more, it may lose the flavors.


H3: Recommended Ingredients


  • Take a couple of cups (250g) universal flour;
  • Take a one and a half cup of white sugar and the same amount of brown sugar;
  • You’ll need three tablespoons of powder;
  • Pick a couple of tablespoons of spices that you prefer (e.g., cinnamon);
  • 1/4 tablespoon of ginger or clover would be enough;
  • 1/2 tablespoons of sea salt;
  • One + 1/2 cups (337g) pf puree of your choice; 
  • 1/4 cup of the selected oil (or applesauce to make it oil-free);
  • One tablespoon of vanilla for better taste;
  • A single flax egg that requires one tablespoon of flaxseed meal and three tablespoons of hot water);
  • A few pumpkin seeds.

H3: Guidelines - Summary

1.  Set up the oven’s temperature to 350°F.

2.  Choose a bowl for your batter. Sift the flour along with the recommended ingredients. Mix intensively.

3.  With the help of warm water and flaxseed meal, prepare the flax egg. It has to turn gloopy in 60 seconds.

4.  Take the missing ingredients, such as that eff, oil, purée, and vanilla. Add them to your mixture. The batter should get very thick.

5.  Apply a non-stick spray and parchment paper. It is done to lift out the pumpkin bread later.

6.  Place the batter that you obtain on the loaf pan. Smooth it down evenly.

7.  Add a bit of pepitas on the top of your product.

8.  Put the bread into the over and wait for an hour. Watch out so that it does not get too brown. Tent with foil after 40 minutes, and then finish the process.

Do not hurry up to slice and serve! Put the bread on a wire cooling rack.

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