Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe


Wish to stay healthy and cheerful all year long? This chicken noodle soup recipe, explaining how to cook a chicken or hen noodle soup might be useful.

Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

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Wish to stay healthy and cheerful all year long? This chicken noodle soup recipe, explaining how to cook a chicken or hen noodle soup might be useful.

Do you remember that taste of childhood when your grandma cooked you dinner? What was your favorite dish? Despite the fact that most kids hate salads and soups, you may still come up with a recipe that would meet their expectations. Look: kids love spaghetti and noodles. They also prefer chicken when it comes to meat. Thus, if you want them to eat soup, you should mix these two ingredients with the more traditional soup components. Do not forget salt – and voila!

This soup might become your cure-for-all. We want to warn you that not all kinds of this soup take little time to cook. Sometimes, a chicken noodle soup may require hours of preparation. It all depends on the chosen ingredients and approach.

Still, we are not here to waste your time; we’re here to save it. Thus, in this post, you will find a recipe for quick preparation. If you have no desire to watch a pot for a while, this is the right option for you. We promise that you will not spend more than half an hour with our recipe.

You may minimize the time you dedicate to cooking this soup by using rotisserie chicken or hen that you may purchase in a product market or order online. You may cook a chicken on your own, adding your favorite components: oregano, bay leaves, paprika, and various spices. You may even decide to roast the bird. However, be ready that you will spend hours on your noodle soup then. Those with allergic reactions may, of course, exclude any herbs or spices from the recipe.

What you really do not want to miss (unless you cook your soup for people with diabetes) is to salt your dish. It does not matter whether you initially choose rotini or egg noodles as the basis for your culinary masterpiece. With the sea salt, you’ll be correct.

We would recommend using check broth with a low level of sodium. Do not start with the large portions of salt. Try a spoon first to see whether it would be enough or not. If the soup is vegan-style, you may replace chicken with soy meat and avoid salt at all, or use iodized salt (by the way, we would recommend it to everyone as it offers many health benefits).

For the classic taste, follow the instructions in this thirty-minute recipe for chicken noodle soup. Then, you’ll get it right. This product is very helpful during the period of viruses and various diseases. In other words, you should keep a pan of it in your fridge while it is wintertime or cold fall/spring. You will see how it may strengthen your immune system.

You will need five minutes to get ready with the necessary equipment, tools, and ingredients and roughly half an hour for the cooking process. Also, as for the yield: it is twelve cups. With the rotisserie chicken from a shop, the process will be as fast. Use any suitable herbs that you have by your hand if you do not have time for shopping. Finally, the egg noodles are the top-preferred selection for this specific recipe.

H2: Check If You Have These Ingredients

  • Twelve ounces of noodles/spaghetti of your choice);
  • A prepared chicken (simply boiled);
  • Sixty-four ounces chicken broth;
  • A single cup of carrots (peel/slice them before);
  • A couple of tablespoons of olive oil;
  • One cup of a mid-sized yellow onion cut down into tiny parts;
  • A cup of thin celery (two stalks would be sufficient);
  • Two bay leaves;
  • A teaspoon of pepper to make it hotter;
  • Half a teaspoon of oregano;
  • Three tablespoons of parsley leaves;
  • Two garlic cloves.

You may also add the previously discussed components to taste. Those could be lemon juice, fresh thyme, and salt.


H3: Summary of the Recipe

Pre-heat oven as in most cases when you cook or bake something. Previously, add some oil. Then, follow these steps:

1.     Add the extra vegetables and greenery from the list above. Sauté them for roughly seven minutes. The mixture should turn soft once it is ready. You may add the chopped head of garlic a bit later. Then, mix once again for two more minutes.

2.     Now, it is time to move to the chicken broth and the rest of the ingredients (mostly, spices and anything else that you would like to use in your recipe like a pepper). Put it all together and put it into the boil. Leave this mix for approximately five minutes. The components should become rather soft – you may try them with a stick or fork if you are not sure once the time passes by. Mind that the noodles tend to absorb the broth, so you may double the portion of the last one at your discretion.

3.     It is time to add one of the major components, which is the noodles. Once you insert them, boil the combination for ten more minutes. You may want to keep adding water and broth, as well as the salt, during the entire cooking period. To ensure readiness, you have to check the contents for softness all the time.

4.     Finally, the time has come to add the “sparkle” of this dish – the chicken or hen. It is not alone – add the optional ingredients that we have mentioned above to get the maximum of flavors in the end. Boil it all for one or two minutes. Once again, you may add some extra components as it is the final stage of preparation and your final chance to balance the taste. The chicken should be warm all over after the process can be considered done. Usually, one tablespoon of salt appears to be enough. Do not forget to take out the bay leaves (however, some people leave them inside for no reason).

If you wish to store the soup for a while, find a pan or a container that is airtight. Then, you will be able to keep your chicken noodle soup in the refrigerator for up to one week. If you store it in the freezer, you can expect the dish to be edible for up to half a year!


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