Bake Apple Fritter Bread as Your Preferred Dessert or Snack


If you want something classical for dessert, impress your friends, or just have an original snack with you, learn the amish apple fritter bread recipe.

Bake Apple Fritter Bread as Your Preferred Dessert or Snack

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If you want something classical for dessert, impress your friends, or just have an original snack with you, learn the amish apple fritter bread recipe.

If you are into the retro style, you may want to try some of the classical desserts instead of tiramisu or cheesecake. One of the old-fashioned recipes includes apple fritter bread. Many bakers also add sugar powder, but you may leave it out or replace it with some alternatives.

This dessert is excellent in case you do not want to break your head against the wall, trying to come up with an exclusive treat for your family or guests. The main components of this tasty meal are apples and cinnamon. Apple fritter bread is also a nice idea to bring with you to have a snack at any time wherever you are. It will take you a maximum of an hour and a half to get ready with this culinary solution.

H2: Keeping Your Apple Fritter Bread

When it comes to storage, it is possible to place the ready product on the counter for no longer than a couple of days. However, then you should better place it into the fridge. Wrap the bread tightly first. When put in an airtight container, the product will expire in 7-8 days. If you cook it ahead, it would be excellently stored in the frozen form. You will only need plastic wrap and tinfoil. You may keep the baked bread cut down in separate parts.

H3: How Do I Know Which Apples to Choose?

Basically, you can pick any sort. An apple is a universal fruit. Most often, the best pieces of bread and apple pies are made of fruits that are sweet and a bit tart at the same time. The recommended apples include Granny Smith and Jonathans. One more good idea is to add a spoon of lemon juice.


H2: How to Come up with an Apple Fritter Bread: Useful Hints

  • Choose where you wish to place the batter for your apple fritter bread. Loaves are most often used.
  • Many bakers peel the skin before baking.
  • If you do not like the idea of glaze or sugar powder, you may replace it with some topping like vanilla or caramel.
  • Weigh all the ingredients properly with a food scale or good old measurement cups. You may want to use some nuts like walnuts to apply to your apple bread. They are great decoration elements, as well as an interesting after-taste.
  • It is better to use flour for all purposes.
  • You may also want to add any sort of ice cream (vanilla would suit better than chocolate or berry) for both taste and visual effect.
  • It is necessary to preheat your oven before baking to achieve the result faster and more accurately.
  • Are you interested in cooking a muffin instead of making bread? Apply the same receipt with a minor nuance: decrease the time spent to no more than half an hour.
  • You may use buttermilk instead of the ordinary type. Take one half of the cup to obtain a rather soft texture.
  • Select applesauce if you do not wish to add the butter.
  • Apple pie spice is one more useful ingredient. It will be enough to take ¼ teaspoon to achieve the desired effect.
  • You may choose any topping or, for instance, pecans, that you believe suits your taste. Brown sugar is the most common choice of bakers.
  • Additional hint: you may input a toothpick in your product once the baking process is over.
  • Once again, it is a sweet, old-fashioned dessert that your granny used to love so much, and it will not take more than a single hour to prepare it. Drizzle it with glaze or any alternative in the end.


H3: Ingredients

•          A couple of big eggs

•          Eight tsp of butter (do not pick salty one)

•          One and a half cup of sugar

•          One and a half cups of flour

•          A couple of teaspoons of vanilla

•          One and a half cup of milk

•          A single teaspoon of cinnamon

•          A couple of tsp of water

•          One cup of sugar powder or analogy

•          Two sweet apples

•          One cup of brown sugar, separated

•          One and a half teaspoons of baking soda


H2: Guidelines

1.     Make sure that your oven is at 350 degrees before starting the process.

2.     Grab a loaf pan large enough for your culinary masterpiece. Apply the spray to it. Mind that it should be a special culinary spray that you can find in a product market.

3.     Combine the sugar and butter. You might need a kitchen mixer. The procedure takes about a minute. Then, add the vanilla extract, eggs, and milk.

4.     Take the brown sugar. Cut it into two equal pieces.

5.     Take the ground cinnamon.

6.     Mix cinnamon and half the sugar that you cut.

7.     You may whisk the powder and water ahead to save time when you are at the last stage (for example, you can do it while the bread is being baked).

8.     The flour is left for later. Apply it along with baking soda.

9. Chop the preferred apples.

10. Combine the mixture from step six with the chopped apples.

11. Take a bowl. Place the batter into the loaf pan, adding the apples. Add the batter which is left. Finally, here come the rest of the apples.

12. Pour the sugar on the top. Start baking. It should not exceed one hour.

The final step is to drizzle the glaze over the product. Voila – you’re done!


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